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My BlogDay recommendations

  1. First and foremost, the most interesting commentary I have ever read, Don’t miss to check this out: http://spaces.msn.com/members/thirumurugan/ (Strictly this is not a new blog to me though I am posting)
  2. This one, I noticed when the person had left a comment on my blog. Truly colourful blog http://spaces.msn.com/members/dotdot22/ (This blog is relatively new to me.)
  3. This blog i noticed today from my friend’s blog link. Again a great read http://spaces.msn.com/members/siddharthb/
  4. This one is again from my one of my old blog entries, a good blog. http://spaces.msn.com/members/preetonline/
  5. If you are interested in travel, do check this one http://www.travelblog.org/

That’s the list for the day.

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  1. subhasri
    September 1, 2005 at 6:31 am

    hey sendhil !thanx buddy for reccomending ma spacei saw ya comment after a long time. y dont u pos sm more of those kalam story kind of real life stories ? tht ws so nice. neways , keep up the good work . take care . bye!!!! :-))

  2. Priyank
    September 10, 2005 at 5:41 am

    thanks dude for recommending my space

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