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A cross process synchronization – Mutex

Let us take the same Logger class. Assume the library is used by multiple processes, That would still result in out-of order execution. How can we synchronize across processes? The Mutex class comes to our rescue. The Logger example rewritten using a mutex is given below:
public class Logger {
    private static StreamWriter writer;
    private static Mutex writerLock;
    static Logger() {
        // read fileName from config or something else
        writer = new StreamWriter(fileName);
        writerLock = new Mutex(false, "Global\WriterLock");
    public static void Log(string source, string category, string message) {
        try {
            writer.WriteLine("Source: " + source);
            writer.WriteLine("Date & Time: " + DateTime.Now.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm"));
            writer.WriteLine("Category: " + category);
            writer.WriteLine("Message: " + message);
        finally {
This is similar to the Monitor.Enter and monitor.Leave. WaitOne checks to see if another thread owns the mutex. If not this thread can enter the critical section and becomes the owner of the mutex. If another thread owns the mutex the calling thread is put into a WaitSleepJoin state and remains in that state till the original owner of the mutex call ReleaseMutex.

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