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WSDL.exe Sucks

The Client side code generated by WSDL.exe(VS.NET Add Web Reference) from a WSDL file is not something which everyone will like. The classes generated for the Web Service parameters and return types have public fields instead of properties.
This may not be desirable if
  • You do some databinding stuff
  • Or add some validations on the accessor methods

After googling, the following tools generate a class with getter setter methods.

XSDObjectGen: This generates objects from a XML Schema. It generates property accessors backed up by public fields. It adds an XmlIgnore attribute on the generated property accessors which can be used by your application.

WSContractFirst: A Visual Studio Addin and Command Line utility to enable Contract (WSDL/XSD) first web services development.

svcutil: A Windows Communication Foundation tool. Though this generates classes targetted to be used from WCF this can be customized a bit.

WSContractFirst looks like a good solution to my requirement.

Also on the list is the WSDL tool customized from Mono by Brian Ritchie. But the download link seems to be down. Anyway WSContractFirst looks like a good option. Anything like a CodeSmith Template on this side which is more customizable will be great, and I am googling without much luck on this.

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