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SOA Tenets – Policy based negotiation

Today as you develop components which are going to used by others lot of the assumptions are implicit or they communicated by out of the band techniques.
Suppose your component requires Kerberos authentication it is an implicit assumption most of the times.
Or in most of the cases it is spread through the word of the mouth or stated some where in the documentation.
Say your app server exposing the components is down today midnight 12:00 till tomorrow morning 12:30 AM, you probably send out an e-Mail to the users of the component stating the fact. This works if you are using the component within the organization and you know all the users of your component.
If your service is hosted on the WWW and you don’t know who the hell is using it. How do you communicate such an information to all the users of the service. How do you make it clear to the service users that your service requires Kerberos authentication tickets.
These need to be negotiated using standard means if you are thinking services.
WS-Policy* specs are trying to fill this void.
WSPL by OASIS and WSDL 2.0 Properties and Features are other approaches to fill the void. Soon the Service community will converge on to a single standard.
So WS-Policy helps the Service Provider and the Requester to negotiate stuff like:
  • The endpoint is down for maintenance each Sunday morning from midnight until 2:00 AM.
  • Orders must be received within 30 minutes of their timestamp. Orders delayed in transmission more than 30 minutes will be discarded, and the application may return a Fault.
  • US dollars and euros are the currencies supported by the service.

Hope this makes the ‘P’ of PEACE clear. Bye till we talk about the ‘E’ in the PEACE.

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