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Corporate culture

There are two main personality traits in people.

  1. People who work from their heart, give their heart out for what ever work they do
  2. People who work from their mind, and take it easy.

To give an example of what is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 people:
Let us take a scenario when a neighbourhood house is on Fire.
Type 1 personality doesn’t think about anything, goes in and quenches the fire.
His only goal is to quench the fire.
He does not think about the benefits he will get out of it or the problems that will arise because of this.
Type 2 personality thinks well before anything.
Negotiates with the stakeholders the benefits he will get out of the effort.
If he thinks the problems that will arise are too much he’ll of course keep away from this…

This example was quoted by a Group Manager who works for one of the Big 3 Indian IT Service giants.
He said, when the house is on fire, Negotiate and get what you want.
Then think about quenching the fire.
If you quench the fire then you are not in a position to negotiate your needs.
Negotiate when you are important was the moral of the story according to him.

Another thing which often the so called ‘Corporate Leaders’ say often is not to work from your heart.
Or Keep emotions away from work, do not be emotionally attached to work.
Well this is easier said than done.
It is almost next to impossible for a Type 1 Personality to become a Type 2 Personality (or vice versa, who wants this anyway)

80% of the work is done by 20% of the Type 1 personality folks in a Corporate World.
If these 20% also trnsforms to Type 2 then the Corporate World is in major trouble.
Who is gonna do the 80% of the work now?

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