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Imperfectly Agile: You Too Can Be Agile!

People new to the idea of agile software development think that you can only be agile with small, co-located teams where you have no political constraints. Yes, that’s ideal, but most teams aren’t lucky enough to be in that situation. Does that mean they should give up on agile techniques? No! It means that they need to be smart about how they apply agile concepts and be as agile as possible given their current situation. This month, I explore strategies that people have used when they found themselves in not-so-ideal situations.
False Excuses for Not Becoming More Agile

1. Our team isn’t co-located.
2. It’s a large project.
3. The problem is complex.
4. If we get it wrong, it’s expensive if not impossible to redeploy.
5. We’re in a regulated environment.
6. We’re a CMMI organization.
7. This is an outsourcing project.
8. We’re building a data warehouse.
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