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Web Services and Financial Services industry (Trading)

I was having a discussion with Manu the other day usage of services in the real-time trading systems. I decided to google for some information regading this. This post is a book(blog)mark of all the results for reference. This is what I understood after glancing through these stuff. Trading involves mutiple parties and hence multiple systems. The use cases for web services is integration. Either Technology Integration / Application Integration. Even if we are not there today with respect to performance, Eventually Web Services will get into this domain primarily because of the Integration involved in the life of a Trade.

A Web Services Architecture for Straight Through Processing (STP):

http://www.edgewater.com/NR/rdonlyres/3E74677C-65E5-449F-A58D-8211ACEC0168/0/EdgewaterTechnologyWebServices_STPWhite Paper.pdf – compares the existing architecture with an Web Service based proposed solution.

Evaluating SOAP for High Performance Business Applications: Real-Time Trading Systems:

http://www2003.org/cdrom/papers/alternate/P872/p872-kohlhoff.html -compares the performance of your traditional Fix based solutions with Web Services. Still Web Services have a long way to go in terms of performance 😉

A B2B Architecture for accessing real-time Financial Trade Data


A Case Study in Developing Web Services for Capital Markets


Performance Issues in Integrating a Capital Market Surveillance System using Web Services


Using Software Architectures and Design Patterns for Developing Distributed Applications


Using straight-through processing to successfully ride the equity derivatives wave


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  1. Amitavha
    September 20, 2006 at 2:46 am

    Thanks boss … this would be definitely useful.
    One of the other challenge of this field is the distributed, as well as federated data sources. Many things change drastically just because of data federation.

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