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Techies, MBAs and Management

I just happened to read an article on Joel on Software via a thoughtworker’s blog entry. Its about managers with a technological background. Joel says "… The cult of the MBA likes to believe that you can run organizations that do things that you don’t understand…" I cannot agree more. "Pragatic Bookshelf – Behind the Closed Doors, Secrets of Great Management" states clearly a problem which new Managers (especially the ones with technology background face.
"Many newly minted managers live in two worlds: they still have technical work, and management responsibilities. Inevitably, the new manager squeezes in management tasks between technical work. And that’s creating a high possibility of failure—for the manager and the team…"
It also goes one step ahead and gives the reason as to why the "Techie Manager" does this. "…when push comes to shove, technical work trumps management work. For new managers, technical work is more familiar and the  consequences of dropping technical tasks are more visible. But dropping management tasks has consequences, too…"
Reality: But, in the corporate it works this way. Going by my experience, the people who cannot rise up to their tasks decide to look for a Godfather. (Ofcourse if you can do your job well why would you need a Godfather, still you may need to because your manager is ***human***. Many techies fail to understand this point – me inclusive). The ones who cannot do their job well rise the career ladder because they have Godfathers. So find yourself a Godfather move up and pull nice people up, else the junk moves up and pulls up more junk.
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