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CLR Generics – Other interesting trivia

Default keyword
Inititalizing a generic to a default is not possible in case of value types. In case of reference types it is as easy as "T myVar=null;". In case of value types this is illegal. For value types the C# language has been extended using a new keyword default. "T myVar = default(T);"

Generic Interfaces, Delegates, Methods: In addition to Generic classes there can be Generic interfaces, Generic delegates and Generic methods. Let us just see an example of each.

public interface IEnumerator : IDisposable, IEnumerator {
	T Current { get; }
public delegate void EventHandler (
	object sender, TEventArgs e) where TEventArgs : EventArgs;
public static class Interlocked {
	public static T Exchange( ref T location1, T value) where T : class { ... }
	// Other members and implementation elided for clarity

Properties, Indexers, Events, Operators, Constructors, Finalizers cannot have generic type parameters on their own like the Generic method Exchange defined above with a type parameter T.

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