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Your capabilities

Everything you’ve ever accomplished has been done using just a small fraction of your capabilities. What if you could make use of just a little bit more?
All that you’ve experienced has come from just a tiny corner in the universe of your possibilities. Imagine growing your awareness, your thinking and your actions beyond that corner.
If something seems impossible, that’s because you’re looking at it from a limited perspective. Consider that there is so very much more to life than what you have thus far encountered.
What you have and what you know are extremely valuable. Yet there also is infinitely more value to be found by exploring the possibilities that exist beyond where you already are.
No matter how many sunrises you’ve experienced so far, the next one brings with it a whole new world. No matter how far you’ve already come, this moment now is a new beginning.
Life is constantly reinventing itself while at the same time holding true to timeless values. Allow the very best possibilities to take you ever higher.
— Ralph Marston
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  1. Unknown
    December 27, 2006 at 10:21 am

    HI Dude thats a cool philosophy and how come you got this thought to blog. Since i generally dont find people blogging philosophy so often. keep the spirit.

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