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Org-wide Process groups, What value do they add to the Organization

Recently, Prakash went in for the ISO 9001:2000 periodic surveillance audit.
The audit (as I understood from Prakash) has been just the opposite of the wisdom laid out here.
"Somehow the customer has been neglected in our eagerness to predict and control software development." Metrics have taken precedence over the customer. 

You know The bottomline has been compromised when the auditor wants a metric in place and answers "So What!" to the point that "Customer is happy! (Even without the metric and you not heading anywhere towards The Goal with the metric)". Any metric which doesn’t give a measure of The Goal is just a waste of your precious time. Any process which doesn’t enable development and becomes a hindrance (You know this, when you have to do somethings for the heck of It – Mainly to shut the process folks) should be seriously thought about.

I feel that Organization wide process groups (call them SEPG, OPG or whatever and whichever organization you worked with must have had one) are beginning to miss a point, they must enable the teams to achieve ‘The Goal’ and not come in as a hindrance. The moment this happens they are more of a pain point than anything else.

I was reading a blog entry from Amit Rathore’s blog, which prompted me post this entry.

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