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On time spent @ work

I was speaking to Khalil (he drives the company cab) who drove us back home today. Khalil starts his day @ 6:30 AM, spends time with his family, does personal work and reaches office by 10:30 AM. By the time he reaches back home it will be 1:30 AM (into the next day morning). A hell lot of time @ work, And I was thinking the Software Engineers spend most of their time @ work. Whatever be it you can spend that time @ work if you

  • have a understanding family back home
  • enjoy what you are doing and 
  • are committed to what you are doing

And I definitely have all the three. So Why not?

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  1. Prakash
    September 2, 2007 at 2:58 pm

    In one liner.. Home is where the heart is  😉

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