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Fixed bid agile

Probably the best advice I have ever seen on Fixed Bid & Agile. Got it thru comments from Jeremy’s blog. Do not miss it.

We can get into a Fixed Price project if

  • We can fully specify, estimate and plan the project.
  • We can deliver the product exactly as agreed, within some small tolerance.

Questions to ask ourselves before responding to a Fixed Bid:

Question 1: Do I know the domain?
Question 2: Do I know the technology?
Question 3: Can I work with my usual team?
Question 4: Can I handle the estimated project size?
Hint: What if I have worked only 3-6 month projects, What if the new project is for 2 years? Am I comfortable with the number of people on the project? Managing a team of 50 is not the same as managing a team of 5.

Sales tip: Don’t just respond to RFPs, Colloborate with the customer to thoroughly understand the problem. If we cannot get the colloboration working now, Even if we win the project, how likely is it that we will communicate & Colloborate better during the project.
Sales tip: Don’t underbid 
Do we tell our team that their target is not feasible? Do we tell them that we expect them to fail? That would be a great way to motivate them…
Sales tip: Add some slack to cover the risks

And so on…

Go ahead read the full article here.

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