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Not everyone is motivated by the same factors

I still cannot digest the above statement…Even though I know it is the hard reality.
To me it has been a limited view of the world, Everyone is motivated by challenging work in a open environment.
It was almost a shock to learn that people are different.

When one of the team members agreed to leave the current team happily it was a shock.
I failed to see that, one needs green currency to settle.
To some ‘challenging work in a open environment’ is of paramount importance,
whereas to some it might important but not so important as $$ you get from a US trip.
To some continuous learning is a motivating factor, to some it may be be not as important as some other factor.

I was even more shocked when I learnt that the newest member in the team wants to quit.
It is very painful to know that (s)he is not ready to come to office unless Prakash is there.
After all this is one of the best ever teams I had worked with. I am still clueless here.

People are so different, that’s the reason managing people is harder than programming.

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  1. ambati
    September 7, 2007 at 8:36 am

    Thats why I hate girls in the team.
    Ladies lacks attitude.
    They creates politics in the team.
    They cant accept challenges.
    They will influence the team with their words and injects bad things in the team’s attitude.
    They will ask their husbands to come early home. If we told that we are having work in office they will tell that "Will company give u extra if u work hard?" My question is :" Who will give money and knowledge?" They wont think in company’s perspective and about the client. They will think about their family not about others. If we are not performing well in a project it will impact on the whole team and the company also which inturns effects the livelihood of other families. We will lose  the client and company will lose the business which inturn lose jobs. Ladies wont agree for all these.Just they want their family to be safe.Thats it.
    Thats Y when I start my company I wont take any ladies in the team and the company.

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