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On the push vs pull model

I had assumed wrongly that everyone is interested in learning something.
‘People are so different’. There is a thin line helping people learn / forcing people to learn.
I have been hopping from this side of the line to the other frequently to achieve the end goal (people should not struggle like myself into their next role as a designer or architect or whatever). I have decided with my experience that pull model is the only one which works. You really ought to be highly motivated to try the push model (with a mix of success and failure). I’ll continue blogging and interested folks can pull stuff.

Every one is really busy and async learning might probably work.

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  1. ambati
    September 24, 2007 at 4:39 am

    Yes Sendhil,
    As we know "Democracy wont work in all the scenarios".
    People wont listen. We have to make them listen.
    I want to learn the concepts in my early days of my career.But I didnt get that good oppurtunity.
    So please try to blog so many items in your blog.
    In my earlier company I use to ask doubts regarding the topics in the project.My technical architect is a good guy.He explained me so many things.He told me why we chosen this concept instead of other one.But it was misunderstood by my account manager that everyone in the team knows everything except me.  I dont know why he behaved like that.

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