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Investing in Strengths

A Gallup research survey indicates that investing on improving a person’s strengths has more ROI than investing on improving his weaknesses. Nebraska School Study Council had conducted rapid reading courses to improve reading speeds of students. Fast readers were able to improve their reading speeds from 300 to 2900 words per minute. The average readers on the other hand were able to improve their reading speed from 90 words per minute to 150 words per minute. The ROI ratio is roughly 10x. Do not neglect your weaknesses. Work with your family / friends /team / manager to identify ways to live with those, workaround those, improve them just enough so that there aren’t any negative impacts?? Invest more in your strengths.

The link to the Gallup Paper documenting the research.
The original Chris Sells article which prompted me to read the Gallup research paper.
The recent entry from Prakash which reminded me of old Chris Sell’s article which I had read about three years back (Great I remembered it!).

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