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Talking about Premature technology selection is the root of all evil

Rob Scott has a great entry titled "Premature technology selection is the root of all evil". I couldn’t agree more. If there’s one thing that is hurting our project more it is this one. My thoughts on the topic.

Write some code before you make a decision.

1) I chose a popular DI framework based on the feature list it boasts and the time it had been there. I should have done some code before choosing the same (A simple set of NUnit Tests should have shown me which framework was the clear winner). I would be in a much better position today.  It turned out the feature I chose the DI framework for was not used at all. If were to choose the DI Framework now, my choice would definitely be different.

2) On the same lines we chose an upcoming UI control suite a little late into the project lifecycle. I almost thought that we could have went with a popular UI Control suite. But this time only We made sure we wrote some code before deciding on one. I am happy that we went this one.

3) The other one was ignoring the OR Mapper option and deciding to build our own data access. I don’t know how we could have done better here. But it was definitely a lesson learnt. I should have kept my eyes open on the features we were building on our own vs learning curve for a OR Mapper framework. I now know that we have definitely tipped the scale in terms of effort. Be alert through out the project and listen to the heartbeat.

It reminded me of a Philippe Krutchen quote which I used in a recent presentation.

"The life of a software architect is a long (and sometimes painful) succession of sub-optimal decisions made partly in the dark"

Read the original article here: http://thoughtshapes.com/node/70

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  1. ambati
    November 5, 2007 at 3:18 am

    The conclusions and the comment on architect are good.

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