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.NET 3.0 Woes, Again! Part 4

I hate to say this, especially that I do not want to continue being a critic and sound negative. But habits are hard to change. And I want to vent some hot air out so that I no longer have that frustration building in. That said WF is an amazing new programming paradigm. I started liking it after I read chapter 1 of Essential WF (Dharma Shukla). Its extensibility rocks, the way you inject services into the activities, the hooks they have provided to extend everything is very cool. The pain of using WF comes when,

  • You want to host the designer from your application.
  • You want to host the runtime in a separate appdomain (say a windows service), there is very less guidance on this.
  • You do not follow the rules set by the WF API, the negative test cases fail miserable because of the patchy exception handling. You can spend ages trying to figure out what is the actual error.
  • Versioning support is not the greatest. Which is why I started this post.

Ruurd Boeke’s entry made my life simple. I do not have to write a long frustrating post. What is adding to the frustration is the way MSDN documentation covers it (as though WF supports versioning), without even talking about any of the problems mentioned by Ruurd.

The earlier installments on the topic can be found here, here and here.

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