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Switching from Slickrun to Launchy

I have started the switch from Slickrun to Launchy.

I have pointed Launchy be my knowledge base folder and it has indexed a bunch of stuff (more than thousand presentations, articles etc…). Now I can get to an item in my kb within a couple of seconds. I thought Launchy is good in discovery mode and bad in control mode (I am control freak yep, I want precise control over what should be my keywords and what should not be).  Contrary to that belief of mine, Launchy has a plug-in called Runner (thanks to Prakash S) which is just like Slickrun inside of Launchy.

But one pain point still persists. My problem with Launchy is that I do not like the additional items in Launchy’s auto-complete when I want to fire an application say Firefox. What happens is that Suppose I have an article in my kb with file name as Firefox rocks, Launchy picks that up too. It will be really great if can fire Launchy in two modes 1) Discover Mode 2) Runner/Control mode (It will just list Firefox and not the Firefox rocks.pdf). Till that I will probably use both of Launchy and Slickrun. Launchy for all the search stuff like looking into my kb, music etc. Slickrun for firing an application like visual studio, live writer etc.

That’s why this is ‘I have started the switch from Slickrun to Launchy‘, instead of ‘I have switched from Slickrun to Launchy‘. Special thanks to Sidu for giving an idea, to use Launchy for indexing my kb (I gleaned this idea from yesterday’s session).

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