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Statement of Values

As a technical leader, I value:
  • Talented People
  • Rapid Feedback
  • Individual Relationships
  • Facilitation over command and control
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Frequent Delivery
As a programmer, I value:
  • Working Software
  • Clean Code
  • Rich Communication
  • Flexibility over efficiency
  • Sustainable Pace
  • Simplicity
  • Failing Fast over hiding errors
As a human being, I value:
  • Courage, not cowardice
  • Humility, not hubris
  • Compassion, not callousness
  • Curiosity, not apathy
  • Discipline, not carelessness
  • Honesty, not deceit
  • Patience, not intolerance

Shamelessly stolen from http://blog.objectmentor.com/articles/2007/10/10/statement-of-values

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