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TheServerSide.com has an interesting discussion on Agile Anti-Patterns (via Jason Haley)

  • End of the day integration
  • Let us keep the refactoring tasks for later
  • Unit testing the complex pieces is enough
  • Move the iteration untill all the user stories are done
  • Let us try to do as much as possible during the iteration
  • Comment the test as it is breaking the build and we will come to it later
  • Retrospectives are not adding much value, will save time if we skip it
  • We are doing continuous integration so we are already agile
  • Most of the user stories are high priority

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How Many Emergency Projects Do You Have?

"…Asking a project manager to actively manage risks, remove obstacles, and help the team accomplish the work on several projects–a couple of which are the most important thing the company can do–is overloading the project manager…"

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Why I am a better software developer than you?

…I don’t think Microsoft is evil, and I don’t think they’re a saint…

…I’m not just in it for the money. I actually enjoy what I do…

Read on… via Arjan’s World

The cardinal rule of automated testing

"Your tests should break if and only if the product is broken"

Read on… via Arjan’s World

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