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ASP.NET Performance issue: Large number of application restarts due to virus scanning

"The next step was to figure out who was touching the hash.web by monitoring the file with process monitor, and It turned out, it was antivirus scanning the file, which in turn triggered the filechangesmonitor to recycle the appdomain."

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Coding Dojo

A Coding Dojo is a meeting where a bunch of coders get together to work on a programming challenge

Read on… via ALT.NET Podcast

Data Mapping and Transformation

  1. The input collection may contain any number of name-value tokens.
  2. The output collection may contain any number of name-value tokens.
  3. The number of tokens in the output collection is not dependent on the number of tokens in the input collection.
  4. The application can support any number of maps (the ArticleMapping, shown in Figure 1, is one such map).
  5. The transformation functions used to convert a token in the input collection to a token in the output collection may be defined after the application has been deployed and will not require a recompilation of the application.
  6. Additional mapping types can be added by a future developer with minimal coding effort. One such mapping type might allow multiple tokens from the input collection to be aggregated and transformed into a single token in the output collection.

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Otis is a .Net object transformation library, i.e. an object to object mapper.

Read on… via Gaurav

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  1. Yuriy
    May 15, 2008 at 11:02 pm

    Antivuruses are evil, even more eveil than viruses are 🙂  Just useless resource consumers!

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