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What should you look for from your manager?

  • Choose somebody smart. 
  • Find somebody who is not merely smart, but "emotionally smart".
  • Find somebody who is not merely smart, but wise.
  • Choose a person from whom you can learn.

    On Ethics

    "When it comes to ethics, most people treat themselves loosely and other strictly.  Instead, try being strict with yourself and gracious toward others.  You’ll get along a lot better with the world."

    Read on… via Arjan’s World

    An agile task board photograph

    From Mike Cohn’s blog http://blog.mountaingoatsoftware.com/?p=28

    C# 3.0 Implicitly typed declarations (In contrast to what resharper folks recommend)

    "Remarks: Overuse of var can make source code less readable for others. It is recommended to use var only when it is necessary, that is, when the variable will be used to store an anonymous type or a collection of anonymous types."

    Read on… via ? (I forgot who I got this one from, I am definitely not having Dare’s feed in my OPML)



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