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Management/Employee Training Topics – Resource Listing

Prakash shared this resource listing with me on "Management/Employee Training Topics". A very useful one maintained by "Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives".

Agile Imposition

I just happened to re-read another old blog entry by Fowler on Agile Imposition. "…But agile methods aren’t the best for all situations, and personally I’d rather have a team work in a non-agile manner they chose themselves than have my favorite agile practices imposed upon them…"

"…As a methodology or design approach becomes fashionable, then we see a lot people using it, or teaching it, who are focusing on the fashion rather than the real details. This can lead to reports of things done in agile’s name which are a polar opposite to the principles of movement’s founders…"

"…There’s nothing that can be done to prevent the agile name being applied to very un-agile behaviors – there’s no agile police enforcing RigorousAgile. All we can do is for those of us who care to keep trying to explain what agile is really about. And I prefer to explain than convince…"

I couldn’t understand the depth of Martin’s bliki entry then, but today it made perfect sense.

Read on…

Microsoft Source Analysis Tool

Source Analysis, also known as StyleCop, analyzes C# source code to enforce a set of best practice style and consistency rules.

"…FxCop performs its analysis on compiled binaries, while Source Analysis analyzes the source code directly. For this reason, Code Analysis focuses more on the design of the code, while Source Analysis focuses on layout, readability and documentation. Most of that information is stripped away during the compilation process, and thus cannot be analyzed by FxCop…"

"…Source Analysis does not allow its rules to be very configurable. Source Analysis takes a one-size-fits-all approach to code style, layout, and readability rules. It is highly likely that you will not agree with all of the rules and may even find some of the rules annoying at first! However, the majority of teams using this tool within Microsoft have found that after a short adjustment period, they came to appreciate the rules enforced by Source Analysis, and even began to find it difficult to read code not written in this style…"

I use Resharper which can auto-fix & allows configuration as well using a code cleanup profile. Be warned that I have not tried this tool.



Windows Server 2008 Software Certification

"The Windows Server 2008 Software Certification program is designed to help you build and market solutions your customers can deploy with confidence immediately on the new platform.
Take advantage of the comprehensive step-by-step process guides and development resources located within this website to help you meet the technical bars for the Certified for Windows Server 2008 logo or the Works with Windows Server 2008 designation.
Whether or not you certify or validate your solution, you can still use the downloadable test tools to confirm compatibility and compliance with recommended practices for security, stability, availability, and Windows fundamentals."

Read on… via Srini

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