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RadCombobox & WATIN

Recently we ran into the problem of selecting an item from a RadCombobox using WATIN. I had shared Ayende’s blog post which pointed to the execScript API earlier with my team. For some reason I didn’t pursue it further on the possibilities of using execScript to select an Item in RadCombobox. Today I thought of giving it a try after seeing the response from Telerik support & Elena Tosheva’s blog entry. I do not like the idea of fiddling with the RadCombobox rendering internals. Telerik does provide a client side object model to manipulate a RadCombobox. I decided to use that in combination with execScript to select an Item in the RadCombobox. Here is the code snippet.

        public static void SelectItemByValue(IE ie, string dropDownName, string valueToSelect)
string javascript = string.Format(@"
var dropDownClientObject = $find('{0}');
var itemToSelect = dropDownClientObject.findItemByValue('{1}');
alert('Unable to find Item with value {1}');
alert('Unable to find DropDown with ID {0}');
", dropDownName, valueToSelect);
ie.HtmlDocument.parentWindow.execScript(javascript, "javascript");

I am open to inputs on any other better way of doing this. Hope this helps someone who is in need of this

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