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Thank you

I am completing 4 years in my current job today. It was a memorable year in terms of experience gained / lessons learnt.

Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgment.  ~Rita Mae Brown

That’s right I judged quite a few things wrong this year, but the overall result is that I learnt a lot this year than the rest of the years put together. The most important thing is that I survived and I am doing well enough to tell the tale. It would not be possible without help from the team I am working with. Specially I would like to thank Prakash J and Razak.

The highlights of the year

  • I had the privilege and honor of working directly with Prakash J for a couple of weeks in a short business trip to Kettering. I gave Prakash a tough time, but over all in the end I enjoyed the time and it helped me realize what I was missing. I also had the luxury of meeting one of the best product teams in Kettering. It was an inspired lot and enjoyed interacting with them. Special thanks to Naresh who hosted us really well and lead the interactions.
  • I was developing in full steam (uninterrupted) for a decent time to get a delayed project on track. Thanks to Razak for giving me the opportunity.
  • I spent a couple of days developing in full throttle for a client demo. Yeah it was a metadata driven system.
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