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Framework development

Having worked with Framework development and implementation for the last 6 years, here are some of my personal thoughts on framework development.

  • It works best when frameworks are grown out of existing applications and not built from the scratch to implement a new application.
  • Framework teams are hard to build & maintain, starting with recruitment.
  • Frameworks suffer the Not Invented Here syndrome, since developers always feel that “I could have written a better framework”.
  • Framework teams are best managed by a Development Manager who is more involved in technology than the regular Project Manager.
  • It is really hard to support rookies in a Framework development team.
  • Quite often Frameworks are a smell that the Business Stakeholders are not in charge, Someone from the Development Team is doing the backseat driving.
  • Most of the Small and Medium development houses cannot afford the cost of developing a framework. A corollary to that is when a Small or Medium development house takes up such an effort the project is usually a Death March.
  • When you are leading one such effort you need to be in the best of your health and super charged, because these kind of development projects drain you fast.

Happy Framework development.



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