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Vienna waits for you

I was re-reading chapter 3 of Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams. I could not agree more with what Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister are saying there. Even the best Workaholic with loads and loads of energy experiences a burn-out in the end when he understands that he has got his value system wrong. And when that happens, believe me – it is d.e.v.a.s.t.a.t.i.n.g.

Some words of wisdom from Peopleware

Overtime is  like  sprinting: It makes  some sense for the last hundred yards  of the marathon for  those with any energy  left, but if you start sprinting in the  first  mile, you’re just wasting time.

Workaholics will put in uncompensated  overtime. They’ll work extravagant hours, though perhaps with declining  effectiveness. Put them under enough pressure and they will go a long way toward spoiling their  personal  lives. But only for  a while.  Sooner or  later the message comes  through to even the most dedicated workaholic:
Once that idea is digested, the worker is  lost  forever after to the project. The realization  that one has  sacrificed a more  important value (family,  love, home,  youth) for a  less  important value  (work) is devastating.

Workaholism is an illness, but not an  illness like alcoholism that affects  only the  unlucky few.  Workaholism is more like the common cold:  Everyone has a  bout of it now and then.

But if that has been your lifestyle, Good Luck!

If you win by cheating time, it is still cheating. It is not ethical.

– A workaholic trying to find the right balance, it is never too late Smile.

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