Clean up your attitude

Have you ever wondered what makes you unhappy, discontented, dissatisfied and restless?

  1. Jealousy: Resentment of others’ success and prosperity.
  2. Persecution complex: The unhealthy belief that people are deliberately placing obstacles on our path to prevent us from achieving what we desire.
  3. Obsessive desire for perfection: The inability to be content with what we are and what we do.
  4. Needless regret over past decisions: It’s futile wishing to change the past, which cannot be changed.

To put it simply, we are unhappy because:

  • We can’t get what we want.
  • We are not satisfied with what we have.
  • We live in the past or fantasise about the future, and cannot live in the present.
  • We want to change conditions around us, or in some cases, we resist any change in our present conditions.

It is clear that unhappiness arises out of our unwillingness to accept life as it is.

I am sorry, I could not help but post the content from the article literally here. A great article, worth a read.

Read the entire article here. Found via a forum post in

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