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Year (Career) in review

I thought of retrospecting on 2012 and my career. It was really below average year for me. Those who have not seen me out of action for such a long time may be wondering, What happened to this guy? Well, to sum up all the problems I went through, this one phrase is enough.

Death-march project, Misplaced trust.

The more the height (trust) is the greater will be the impact when you fall.

What went well

Even though on the material plane everything went haywire, on the spiritual plane I have started.

What went wrong

I placed my trust in the wrong set of people

Chose a death-march project, (even though I knew it was a death-march) on basis of the misplaced trust.

The learnings

  • Workaholism as a way of life is a bad thing.
    • I sent my wife with my parents when she had to go for a test to confirm pregnancy.
    • I was not there with my wife when my daughter was born.
    • I hardly spent any time with my daughter when she was growing up.

    Indeed if I look back, all this seems stupid. I can never get these moments back in my life.


From peopleware

Workaholics will put in uncompensated  overtime. They’ll work extravagant hours, though perhaps with declining  effectiveness. Put them under enough pressure and they will go a long way toward spoiling their  personal  lives. But only for  a while.  Sooner or  later the message comes  through to even the most dedicated workaholic: Once that idea is digested, the worker is  lost  forever after to the project. The realization  that one has  sacrificed a more  important value (family,  love, home,  youth) for a  less  important value  (work) is devastating.


  • I was a zero in the spiritual plane till now. I learnt the hard way as to where to place trust. The only thing that is  trust worthy, permanent is the almighty itself.
  • There are no perfect leaders to depend on, be your own leader

Who are responsible

    To those who helped and to those who back stabbed
    Vazhga Valamudan
    I am the only person responsible. No one else.

What next

    To those interested in What I am planning to do next? I want to be away from this industry till financial situation permits. What next? Whatever it might be, please do not ask me to come back to this industry again. It hurts, every time someone asks me this (Even though the intentions may be noble). If you are well wisher, pray that I find a suitable choice and do not have to come back to this rut again.
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  1. Raks
    December 21, 2013 at 7:06 pm

    Chill, its not the end of the world. After all its just a job/ project. Problem is how much we trust and expect (from) others. Dont expect from people, problem solved.

    And even I went with my MIL for preg test, and sent my sample through my BIL. I dint feel bad, neither Vj regrets for that. May be you REALLY wanted to be with her and your job dint allowed it and you still remember that.

    Take life more easier and try to have some entertainment in life. It helps.

  2. December 23, 2013 at 11:19 pm

    It is true that the lost moments will never be got back in my life.

    We all encourage bad habits is course of way and it is difficult to change.

    Call me some time buddy. Oops.I am still awake. let me switch off the computer.

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