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7 Commandments for peaceful living

“In a Bright morning, much like in Spring, i was on a vacation with my family in Allahabad, i was walking near the coasts of Sangam river and I saw, what to many people call as Aghori. Like many people do, i also had a few pre beliefs about Such kinds, and i was scared to talk to him.
But in curiosity i just approached him, and i said, “Jai Shiv Shankar” and he was actually humble enough to reply, and said “Har har mahadev”. And since he replied to my first act, i was sure that we can now have a small little chat. I asked “Many people Have many beliefs, Misconceptions probably about you and all the ones that have accepted this path of life, what do you think about them.?”
His answer to this question, i am never going to forget, he said “It dont matter to us anymore, we have attained, to what many of you define as PEACE in life.” And out of curiosity, i had to ask this question, “What is according to you the true and most amazing/spiritual way to attain Peace?”
He stated, “Dear one, you may have many beliefs, misconceptions about me, but here is how you can have peace:

  1. Make peace with your Past, so it doesn’t Spoil your Present.
  2. What others think of you is none of your Business.
  3. Time heals almost everything. Give the Time, sometime.
  4. No one is the reason of your happiness, except you yourself.
  5. Don’t compare yourself to others, you have no idea of what you journey (Life) has for you ahead.
  6. Stop Thinking too much, its ok not knowing everything.
  7. Smile, you dont own all the problems in the world.

Leave your thoughts/comments/questions about our way of living. Though i am just an another soul that exists around you, i have practiced this style of living all my life. And Honestly i call it a Spiritual life.

7 commandments for peaceful living

Source and Credits: https://medium.com/what-i-learned-today/e410f9724fa3

Image Courtesy: Google Image Search & Twitter –https://twitter.com/zsiti/status/333510958473416704/photo/1

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