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Outsourced Software Development

August 28, 2008 Leave a comment

There’s an interesting post in Jackie Goldstein’s blog about Outsourced Software Development.

Outsourcing Software Development – You Get What You Pay For

For most part of my 9 year career I have worked on outsourced projects. From my experience Outsourcing does work when the customer is ready to invest the time and work with the development team. I have really seen it work in the current project, mostly because of the commitment shown by our customer. I really sympathize with him if his experience with out sourcing have been bad. But then Generalization works well only in Modeling. Take Universal truths with a grain of salt, including the one about generalization ;-).

There’s an interesting comment by Tom which I tend to agree with “I would agree that like most things in life, you get what you pay for, except when you don’t! I have been in sittuations where the client paid loads of money to a domestic company and still end up with a piece of junk. So to me, the title of your post ought to read: "Software Development – you get what you pay for".”

I also remembered reading some text from Jerry Weinberg’s “Becoming a Technical Leader”. I do not remember the exact words, but the message was

“Any transaction will not result in insanity if atleast one of the participating entities is sane”

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