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Talking about Take care of your life

October 23, 2008 2 comments

Srini has a nice entry. "Workaholics eventually realize they sacrificed a more important value (Family, Love, Home, Youth) for a less important value (Work)" – Peopleware.


Take care of your life

My sister shared this with me and I liked this. She quoted that the excerpt was from a  speech given by Chieftain Bhagat at Symbiosis. I agree with you, my sister and I am going to come back to an 8 hour schedule.May be I will start early, but would try to spend some quality time in the evening with my family. when I am trying to teach chess to my daughter, I understand how much away I have gone from being the child. I am trying hard to talk, train and mentor fresh folks at work, am I doing the same with my daughters? Have the child in me is still alive, but I might still run busy, because i like it

Set goals to give you a balanced, successful life. I use the word balanced before successful. Balanced means ensuring your health, relationships, mental peace are all in good order. There is no point of getting a promotion on the day of your breakup. There is no fun in driving a car if your back hurts. Shopping is not enjoyable if your mind is full of tensions. 

You must have read some quotes –  Life is a  tough race, it is a marathon or whatever. No, from what I have seen so far, life is one of those races in nursery school. Where you have to run with a marble in a spoon kept in your mouth. If the marble falls, there is no point coming first. Same with life, where health and relationships the marble. Your striving is only worth it if there is harmony in your life. Else, you may achieve the success, but this spark, this feeling of being excited and alive, will start to die.

One thing about nurturing the spark – don’t take life seriously. Life is not to be taken seriously, as we are really temporary here. We are like a pre-paid card with limited validity. If we are lucky, we may last another 50 years. And 50 years is just 2,500 weekends. Do we really need to get so worked up? It’s ok, bunk a few classes, goof up a few interviews, fall in love. We are people, not programmed devices. Don’t be serious, be sincere

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Hippocratic Oath of Software Professionals

October 14, 2008 Leave a comment
From Emergent Design – The Evolutionary Nature of Professional Software Development

  • We need something like the Hippocratic Oath: First, do no harm. I do not expect my software to be perfect (ever), but I think it is reasonable to hold myself to the basic standard that every time I touch it, I will take care not to make it any worse.
  • We need to center ourselves on the notion that validating software (with those who will use it) is part of making the software.
  • We need to code in a style that allows us to follow this do no harm oath.

So, what is that style? … The book is about what in Scott’s view that style is.

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Talking about OOPS design fest

October 13, 2008 Leave a comment

Thanks Sreedhar.


OOPS design fest

OOPS design fest
Once shared by Naresh Jain in Barcamp

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Are TFS Shelves anti CI?

October 13, 2008 Leave a comment

IMO, TFS shelves are kinda anti CI. I like the way Jeff Atwood and Jeremy Miller put it.

The golden rule of source control Check-in early, Check-in often

“It’s like putting milk out on the kitchen counter.  A little while is fine, but too long leads to gross sour milk.” Not checking code in should make you feel unclean

I was searching the other day for what people think about Shelves/Shelvesets in TFS. I was hoping to find something along these lines. Since I couldn’t find one I thought I should start one. Again, this is strictly my personal opinion and you may not agree with it. I am open to hear any thoughts which suggest otherwise.


October 6, 2008 Leave a comment
I read this small anecdote from "Are You Ready to Succeed? Unconventional Strategies to Achieving
Personal Mastery in Business and Life"
by Professor Srikumar S. Rao

He was the Lord of the Realm, dignified, and imbued with noble oblige. He would
have lunch at his club every day and then take a brisk constitutional. His
assistant would tag along and he would issue instructions as they walked. Much
business was usually accomplished.

He would pass a panhandler every day
at the same corner and would drop ten shillings into his hat, That was a goodly
sum those days, but the recipient showed no gratitude. He was rude, ungracious,
frequently inebriated. Sometime she was even vituperative.

One day, when
the tramp was even more disagreeable than usual, the assistant could not contain
himself. "Your Lordship, why do you continue to give money to such such an
undeserving hobo?" he queried.

"What would you do if were in my
position?" the Lord queried back.

"I would tell him what he could do with
himself said the assistant with feeling.

"There was a time when I did
that", assented the Load. "But then I realized, what I was doing. It is my
nature to help those not so fortunate as myself. When I brushed him off in anger
because of his surliness, I was letting him dictate how I would behave. And I
would not let a wine slotted, foul-mouthed, unwashed vagrant decide my

No no no, I am not there yet either. But we can be on the journey to that
place, become bullet-proof one day.
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