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Martin Fowler’s article on micro-services

June 1, 2014 Leave a comment

Martin Fowler and James Lewis have an article on micro services here

Though my first reaction to it was, “what, isn’t this SOA”, the article itself had a sidebar which mentioned “service orientation done right”.

Worth a read, Excellent stuff as usual from thoughtworks folks.

To some extent, I felt Martin Fowler is taking an U-turn on

Hence, we get to my First Law of Distributed Object Design: Don’t distribute your objects!

How, then, do you effectively use multiple processors? In most cases the way to go is clustering (see Figure 7.2). Put all the classes into a single process and then run multiple copies of that process on the various nodes. That way each process uses local calls to get the job done and thus does things faster. You can also use fine-grained interfaces for all the classes within the process and thus get better maintainability with a simpler programming model.

Quote from Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture (PoEAA) Chapter 7 Distribution Strategies.

Yes, yes,

  • I am aware of the terms that Fowler uses here “Objects” – I always thought he used objects here in the sense of component objects / service objects – Earlier in this chapter he uses “With separate remote objects for customers, orders, products, and deliveries. Each one is a separate component that can be placed on a separate processing node.” So I believe he uses object in a broader sense in the First Law of Distributed Object Design.
  • Granted today we have a faster network stack
  • His argument about coarse grained interfaces was spot on.
  • Also I understand the benefits that micro services brings.

I think, he that he should rewrite his Distribution Strategies Chapter in PoEAA to include the micro services alternative as well.

Your thoughts?