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10X Engineers matter still

November 5, 2015 Leave a comment

Srini shared an interesting article the happy demise of the 10x engineer with me & Prakash. An interesting read, But I was reminded of this story when I read through the article.

A photographer went to a socialite party in New York.  As he entered the front door, the host said ‘I love your pictures – they’re wonderful; you must have a fantastic camera.’ 

He said nothing until dinner was finished, then:
‘That was a wonderful dinner; you must have a terrific Stove.’
IMHO Individuals and Interactions matter a more than processes, tools, frameworks etc.
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Windows 10 Insider Preview Update 10159

July 3, 2015 Leave a comment

Yesterday I posted an entry on my experience of Windows 10 Insider Preview, turns out that Build 10159 is good. I will update after further usage. Glad that Microsoft has got it right this time Smile.

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Experience

July 2, 2015 2 comments

I am using Windows 10 Insider previews for the last 3 months, my thoughts on it so far.

Understood it is a preview, not even alpha / beta release, but still I could not resist posting these

It is really unstable, especially in the light that RTM release is scheduled for the month end, I am highly doubtful that this will be a stable windows release. This is completely in contrary to the pleasant experience I had with Windows 7 (from Windows Vista days). The other issue is stability seems to be deteriorating the last few builds, this is not good considering the end of july release.

I also feel that the hardware vendors are really behind on schedule, may be Microsoft should have given them preview builds early for them to develop drivers.

This is not what I expected from Microsoft, Common Microsoft.

I have upgraded to build 10159 today, one last chance before I go back to Windows 7 again (Yup, I don’t have windows 8).

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Revisiting Career path

March 12, 2014 2 comments

Career Path

6 years ago, I blogged about Career Path. Today I would like to revisit the same. What prompted this? There was this interesting discussion on hacker news – What happens to Older Developers?. It is a very interesting read.

Who is a older developer?

People in the thread seem to agree 30+. Going by Peter Norvig’s classic Teach yourself programming in 10 years, the magic number seems to be 10 years / 10, 000 hours. Assuming you started your career after college (around 21), Around 31 you should have mastered the art of programming (assuming you wanted to master it).

What next? Revisiting Career Path

I would like to revisit career path in some new light. This are the options that I currently think are valid.

After 10 years of development

Yes, I have added the Independent option now.

It is not an either, or between the dependent and independent, you can be on the dependent side to bootstrap your independent venture initially. But have a clear choice in mind. I will quote again the same anecdote from my older post.

A disciple asked a Master about what books he should read.
The Master asked him ‘What do you want to become?’
Disciple said ‘I don’t know’.
Master replied back "Then it doesn’t matter which books you read"
If you do not have a personal vision you cannot lead others effectively.

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Why do some relationships fail? What can we do about them?

February 16, 2014 Leave a comment

These are again notes from an old Guru Poornima discourse by Swami Paramarthananda.

To understand the topic “Why do some relationships fail?” we need to understand two kinds of people first and their characteristics.

Two kinds of people


  1. Wise – Happy(read content) with himself
  2. Ignorant – Not happy(read not content) with himself
    This classification puts a vast majority of the people in the ignorant bucket.

When two ignorant try to strike a relationship (which is the most common case) these are the characteristics.

Characteristics of an ignorant-ignorant relationship


  • Both are not happy with themselves, and they try to gain happiness from each other
  • This is like Two unsteady people trying to hold each other in order to become steady (This is one of the best examples that one can attribute to such relationships).
  • They both try to influence (sometimes even manipulate) each other (in order to gain happiness)
  • Expectations keep mounting, No human can fulfill the expectation of other human – impractical
  • More complaints than joy as a result of the relationship
  • No question of progress / improvement – because maintenance itself is a struggle – Samsara

    Lower your expectations

    Well that kind of sets the expectations you can have from most of the relationships. So what kind of relationships you can trust on, the relationship with the content (wise) – Read – your Guru.

But, what about other relationships, which form a vast majority and which are most likely you run into. Well the only thing we can do is have lower expectations or better zero expectations when you get into such relationships.

You can read the notes (not transcript) that I made from the discourse here

Let go and move on


So next time your friend, relative does something that you did not like, or does not do something when it is really needed (It is not one way, you may also do something that your friends / relatives may not like or refrain from doing what they were expecting from you) – remind yourself this example

Two unsteady people are trying to hold each other in order to become steady

Lesser disappointment as a result. Any favourable outcome is rather an exception (not the norm). This simple and profound thought enables us to move on peacefully by letting go.

On Commoditization of labor in Software *Industry*

August 26, 2012 1 comment

In our industry the middlemen – hiring managers, HR people, recruiters, etc. – work extremely hard to commoditize labor. To most recruiters, if you’ve got 5 years of experience with C++, you are the same as anyone else who has five years of experience with C++. Never mind that you are an actual person with unique skills and personal qualities that are hard to encapsulate in a resume.

This can be greatly frustrating at times. Most recruiters out there are non-technical people. They aren’t idiots, but most aren’t passionate about what they do and are generally focused on short term goals. Their job becomes one of matching up acronyms in the job requirements with acronyms on your resume.

The amount of money they make pimping you is unlikely to be much different than the money they would make pimping someone else. Multiply that by hundreds of developers a year and it all averages out. Why bother to cultivate a personal relationship with talent?

Emphasis mine. Nice read.

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Quora & Stackoverflow

April 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Some interesting thoughts –

Not that it makes any difference, I personally do not like the community at stackoverflow. But it is just my personal opinion. No two things the information they provide is awesome, But they are community of programmers (read programmers == a class of elite people with dismal social skills, I am programmer too and I understand).

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