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The infinite loop

November 14, 2014 Leave a comment

The boss calls his secretary & says:

"Get ready for the weekend, We are going on a business trip."

The secretary calls husband & says:

"My boss and I are going on a business trip for 2 days so take care of yourself"

The husband calls his girlfriend & says:

"My wife is going on a business trip come home we can have fun"

The girlfriend calls the boy to whom she gives tuition: 

"No tuition this weekend."

The boy calls his father:

"Dad, at last we can spend this weekend together."

Dad (The boss) calls his secretary & says: 

"Business trip is cancelled.I’m going to spend weekend with my son"

The secretary calls husband:

"I won’t be going"

The husband calls his girlfriend:

"I am sorry My wife is not going "

The girlfriend calls boy:

"You have tuition"

Boy calls his father & says:

"Sorry Dad, I’ve classes"

The Dad calls his secretary…

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