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Windows 10 Insider Preview Update 10159

July 3, 2015 Leave a comment

Yesterday I posted an entry on my experience of Windows 10 Insider Preview, turns out that Build 10159 is good. I will update after further usage. Glad that Microsoft has got it right this time Smile.

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Experience

July 2, 2015 2 comments

I am using Windows 10 Insider previews for the last 3 months, my thoughts on it so far.

Understood it is a preview, not even alpha / beta release, but still I could not resist posting these

It is really unstable, especially in the light that RTM release is scheduled for the month end, I am highly doubtful that this will be a stable windows release. This is completely in contrary to the pleasant experience I had with Windows 7 (from Windows Vista days). The other issue is stability seems to be deteriorating the last few builds, this is not good considering the end of july release.

I also feel that the hardware vendors are really behind on schedule, may be Microsoft should have given them preview builds early for them to develop drivers.

This is not what I expected from Microsoft, Common Microsoft.

I have upgraded to build 10159 today, one last chance before I go back to Windows 7 again (Yup, I don’t have windows 8).

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