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How much appreciation can do to improve productivity

October 31, 2007 1 comment

The best example was how Sreedhar was rocking last sprint.

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Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications – P&P Guide

October 31, 2007 1 comment

Strategic Story Telling – A leadership development tool

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Quotes from the article

Strategic Story Telling – A leadership development tool

Here’s an example. In one of my keynote talks, I teach the value of focusing on solutions instead of problems by telling a story about running late for a speech in Kansas City. My plane had been delayed and, to make matters worse, when I finally arrived at the airport, I missed the only shuttle that would have taken me to my appointment on time. So I spotted a limo at the curbside and, out of desperation, asked the driver if he could give me a ride. His other passenger had just canceled so he said yes.

By focusing on the solution, I saw the limo, took action, and got to my appointment on time. Had I focused on the problem, I would have waited for the next shuttle and been late. I wouldn’t have seen the opportunity for an innovative solution. This key point flows out of my limo story and, at the end, I suggest that when things don’t work out the way they’re supposed to, then “Look for the Limo.”

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Employee Engagement Starts with Leaders!

October 31, 2007 1 comment

Quotes from the article Employee Engagement Starts with Leaders!

Employee Engagement

  • commitment to the organization;
  • job ownership and pride;
  • passion and excitement; and
  • commitment to execution and the bottom line.

So what can Leader’s do to drive employee engagement?

  • Walk-the-walk

  • Do what you say you will do 

  • Have a passion to lead

  • Articulate the vision

  • Promote accountability

  • Listen and act

  • Develop talent

  • Have a heart

  • Celebrate and reward

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How to tell difficult truths people want to hear

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Quotes from the article How to tell difficult truths people want to hear,

If I say to you, “My stomach feels queasy,” you’d have a difficult time arguing with me. If I say to you, “You make me sick to my stomach,” you’d probably find plenty to argue with me about in that sentence. The difference is intention. If I say, “My stomach feels queasy,” my intention is to reveal my inner experience. If I say, “You make me sick to my stomach,” my intention is to blame you for my experience. In speaking difficult truths so that people thank you afterwards, the trick is to reveal your inner experience and stay out of blame.
Breakthroughs in relationship communication are always brought about by saying unarguable things and never by blaming. It’s possible to communicate the most difficult truths in this new way, so that people are literally filled with gratitude afterwards.

Let’s say you want to break up with your lover. Your main complaints are that he never helps around the house, he has a perfect record of forgetting your birthday and he is unwilling to make a long-term commitment to the relationship.
Scenario One: You say to him: I’m leaving you because you’re lazy, disrespectful and commitment-phobic. Would he be likely to thank you for sharing this “truth” with him? Probably not. He’d probably argue with all three of your labels for him. You’ve provided him with a perfect way to avoid learning anything from your communication, because you’ve communicated it in arguable terms.
Scenario Two: You say to him: For a long time I’ve been feeling sad and disappointed. I can feel it right now in my chest, and I can hear it in my voice. I don’t think I’m getting what I want in our relationship. I feel angry a lot at you, and although I feel scared about being by myself, I think I’d rather face that fear than continue to feel what I’ve been experiencing the past year. 

There’s no guarantee he’ll thank you for speaking those truths, but we can give you a pretty solid guarantee that he won’t argue with you. We know, because we’ve coached hundreds of people to speak like that in sessions, and it stops arguments cold.

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Rhino mocks in action

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What self taught programmers miss

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Another reason why I should read open source stuff & books on basics more.

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