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Resharper – Code Browsing & Code Editing Screencasts

May 27, 2008 4 comments

I just happened to try my hand @ screencasting last week.

I managed to do a couple of them, the ideas shamelessly stolen from James Kovacs’ ‘Becoming a Jedi Part 1 of N’.

James Kovacs uses the IntelliJ Keyboard scheme, which seems to be the most popular amongst the Resharper community. (A special thanks to Santhosh for helping me to see the opportunity)

I (& my team as well) use the Visual Studio .NET Keyboard scheme.

I have always used CTRL + N for new file, CTRL + SHIFT + N for new project and so on.

Hence I saw that as an opportunity to get my hands dirty on screencasting.

In the process I learnt a lot about the wonderful tool Resharper.

If you still are coding in Visual Studio .NET without Resharper you probably should give a try, I wouldn’t be surprised if you like it.

(Disclaimer: I am in no way related to the Resharper team 🙂 and I am not part of any affiliate program of theirs).

Now to the screencast links

Resharper – Code Browsing – Duration: 4 minutes &15 seconds, Size: 3.71 MB

Resharper – Code Editing – Duration: 6 minutes and 13 seconds, Size: 4.82 MB

Feedback is always welcome & this is my first screencast, so you will find a lot of inputs to share with me.

Thanks in advance for your time & inputs.

Yours Truly.

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