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Characteristics of a true Craftsman

December 25, 2008 Leave a comment
  1. A craftsman is widely recognized by peers
  2. A craftsman is passionate about the craft
  3. A craftsman delivers value to the customer while meeting business objectives
  4. A craftsman knows that quality is the number one priority
  5. A craftsman never stops learning
From a blog post by Dean Wampler What I’ve Learned from Master Chef Rino Baglio
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Does your behavior damage trust

December 25, 2008 Leave a comment

management-issues has a good post on what behavior can damage trust when working in a team environment.

  1. You fail to keep your promises, agreements and commitments.
  2. You serve your self first and others only when it is convenient.
  3. You micromanage and resist delegating.
  4. You demonstrate an inconsistency between what you say and how you behave.
  5. You fail to share critical information with your colleagues.
  6. You choose to not tell the truth.
  7. You resort to blaming and scapegoating others rather than own your mistakes.
  8. You judge, and criticize rather than offer constructive feedback.
  9. You betray confidences, gossip and talk about others behind their backs.
  10. You choose to not allow others to contribute or make decisions.

Read the whole blog entry here Does your behavior damage trust?

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