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Truly understanding Dynamic Controls & ViewState

January 29, 2008 Leave a comment

Truly understanding Dynamic Controls

Truly understanding ViewState

Must read if you are an ASP.NET developer. Read them letter by letter every month, memorize them.

This is the third time I am linking to these articles. Every time I (re)read them I understand something new.

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Printable Design Pattern Quick References Cards via Mark Gregory Turansky via Arjan’s World

My personal Favorite is Design Patterns Matrix by the NetObjectives folks

Try Feedforward instead of Feedback via Prakash J

Expectations via Arjan’s World "The size of disappointments is proportional to the size of expectations … And the most important – don’t have expectations for others, only for yourself. "

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What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

January 14, 2008 Leave a comment

1. Winning too much

2. Adding value

3. Passing judgment

4. Making destructive comments

5. Starting with “No,” “But,” or “However”

6. Telling the world how smart you are

7. Speaking when angry

8. Negativity, or “Let me explain why that won’t work”

9. Withholding information

10. Failing to give proper recognition

11. Claiming credit that we don’t deserve

12. Making excuses

13. Clinging to the past

14. Playing favorites

15. Refusing to express regret

16. Not listening

17. Failing to express gratitude

18. Punishing the messenger

19. Passing the buck

20. An excessive need to be “me”

via my colleague Preejith.

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It is a special day today

January 9, 2008 2 comments

Today is doubly special. It’s my Nephew’s birthday today & I am completing a year in Proteans.

After running away from companies (mostly due to frequency mismatch between myself & management) ever since I left Sonata, I have managed to stay for a fully year in a team without any regrets. The tour was like, Sonata –> Wipro –> Intel –>Commerce Velocity (all in short duration). I am not saying the management was bad in these companies, but it would be appropriate to say their management styles were incompatible with my style of working (or the work itself in some cases). I am glad that here I have a

  • Good challenging project
  • An excellent learning experience
  • A nice client who I can discuss and debate with & also learn from
  • A very good down to earth CEO
  • A wonderful team
  • And most importantly, A trustworthy Manager, which is an endangered species in Corporate Earth IMHO

Thank you all for putting up with me for a Year.

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Bill Gates’ last day at Microsoft (video)

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January 8, 2008 Leave a comment
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