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SqlCacheDependency with Query Notifications

April 30, 2007 Leave a comment

If at all you have to get the SqlCacheDependency working with Query Notifications feature of SQL Server 2005, these links will provide a head start.
#1 Query Notifications in ADO.NET 2.0
#2 Using and Monitoring SQL 2005 Query Notification
Article #1 is just excellent in that it answers all the questions you get on how query notifications work.
Article #2 mentions how to debug the query notification infrastructure using the Profiler.
It a great feature but I really don’t know why its a pain to use. I am no API design expert but I could say something is wrong there…

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‘Reorder failed, see details below’ error in AjaxControlToolkit’s ReorderList

April 23, 2007 13 comments
Recently I ran into an issue with the AjaxControlToolkit’s ReOrderList control. The error message was:
Reorder failed, see details below.
Failed to reorder.
The actual issue was the update method we had set on the object datasource control.
AjaxControlToolkit perfers to use TypeDescriptor.GetProperties(row) to build the parameters dictionaries for the update method.
Ideally it should have been using the UpdateTemplate of the reorderlist and UpdateParameters on object datasource combination.
Nevertheless the exception handling in AjaxControlToolkit made sure I never got the actual error and I was stuck on this.
Buggy exception handling is worser then no exception handling.
Finally I built the AjaxControlToolkit in debug mode and figured out what was the actual problem.
How a Data Source Control Creates Parameters for Data-bound Fields article on MSDN was also of help.
Hope this will help someone who stuck with this issue.
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During the vacation in blogoshpere

April 20, 2007 Leave a comment
The update:

During my long vacation in the blogosphere
Lot of things happened

@ Work

  • I started working for a new firm.
  • I am working with
    • A really nice team
    • A good Manager
    • A great CEO
    • A challenging assigment
    • and An excellent client side architect

On the personal side:
Myself and Chitra became parents of an angel baby girl.

Hope I’ll be active in the blogosphere more frequently from now!

Yours Truly.

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