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The fallacy of the best tool / framework / library / practice / process

April 7, 2017 Leave a comment

“There is a point in your programming career, when you realise that there isn’t a best tool” – Via – Couldn’t agree more.
There was a time when I was thinking

  1. NHibernate is the best ORM,
  2. Structure Map is the best IoC Container,
  3. Angular is the best JavaScript front-end framework,
  4. Rhino Mocks is the best mocking framework,
  5. SOAP and WS-* are the best answers to every distributed application problem,
  6. WPF is the best Rich Client Platform for windows,
  7. log4net is the best logging library
  8. DDD is the best design process
  9. Scrum was the best development & management process

But I have realized that no matter which framework / library / process / tool you choose, You will fall short of your (application’s) requirements.

The most sensible thing to do is,

  1. Fill the gaps of the frameworks the moment you see infrastructure concerns leaking into the application.
  2. No matter what you consider best today, you will find something better tomorrow. Write your application in a way that you can migrate to another one easily.
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