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Sharepoint Platform slides from PDC Session “Overview of SharePoint 2010 Programmability” by Mike Ammerlaan

May 5, 2010 Leave a comment

I was watching Mike Ammerlaan’s “Overview of SharePoint 2010 Programmability” from PDC ‘09.

This Sharepoint Platform slide gave a good idea of what is in the platform and what’s been added in Sharepoint 2010.

So I have just uploaded the slide as images in a photo album.

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What is Windows SharePoint Services (WSS)?

May 4, 2010 2 comments

A while ago I posted an entry on What is WSS?. Needless to say I couldn’t sustain my effort to learn Sharepoint last time. This time again I am trying to learn Sharepoint again. Here is my next take on ‘What is WSS?’

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What is Windows Sharepoint Services

May 21, 2009 Leave a comment

One of the goals this year for me is to learn the Sharepoint platform. I’ll post my study notes as I go along. I am not a WSS guru, but you find this useful if you are new to Sharepoint like me 🙂

Windows SharePoint Services (referred to as WSS from here) is a Site provisioning engine. In plain English a platform which tries to simplify the act of creating web sites in a Web Farm environment.

Some notes from the Inside Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0

“WSS was designed from the ground up to make the creation of Web sites faster and more cost effective. As a WSS developer, you will learn to develop components that others will use to create sites and workspaces.

At its core, WSS is a site provisioning engine. The architecture of WSS was specifically designed to operate in a Web farm environment. The act of provisioning (a fancy word for creating) a site in WSS can be accomplished by any member of the IT department in less than a minute by filling in the required information in a browser-based form and clicking the OK button. There’s no need for a database administrator to create a new database or any new tables. There’s no need for an ASP.NET developer to create a new ASP.NET Web site. There’s no need for a system administrator to copy any files or configure any IIS settings on the front-end Web server.”

“WSS is included as a part of the Windows Server 2003 operating system while MOSS is a separate product with its own SKU. You should think of WSS as the underlying platform and think of MOSS as a value-added set of components and services that has been built on top of this platform.”

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